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Expert Witness


The Automobile Appraisal Association prides itself as a knowledgeable and experienced expert in all things automotive. We will always thoroughly research and prepare our case when called upon to give Expert Witness testimony. We have served many law firms whose clients were involved with dissolution, probate, bankruptcy and diminution of value. Expert witness fees vary, but our standard rate is $185.00 per hour with a two minimum plus travel expenses.

Please ask us for a schedule of fees.


Meeting Room

Binding arbitration is the practice of settling vehicle value disputes with a neutral Judge, arbitrator, referee or umpire. Most vehicle and motorcycle insurance policies call for arbitration as the final step in the appraisal clause. If the two opposing parties cannot agree on a Fair Market Value of the subject vehicle thru negotiations, arbitration is normally advised. Arbitrations are sometimes very time consuming and usually can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on schedules. Arbitration fees may vary, but the standard out-of-pocket expenses range from $600-$1,500 based on the complexity of the case and Juge, arbitrator, referee or umpire used.

(888) 595-7551