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Appraisal Certification


Certified and trained by the International Automobile Appraisers Association (IAAA ID#1011250009)

Is your appraiser certified?

In this business we've found the following:

  • Actual certified car appraisers by an independant organization.
  • Appraisers that certify themselves and certify their own field inspectors.
  • Certified in something other than car appraisals.
  • Ambiguous language about certification.
  • Appraisers that were once certified, but are no longer current.
  • Insurance adjusters performing appraisals.

  • Please ask any appraiser to furnish their:

  • CV and Certification of the Appraiser writing the report.
  • CV and Certification of the field rep inspecting the car.
  • A Sample Appraisal.
  • List of past clients served.

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