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Head Appraiser

Zachary Romer

Mr. Romer has worked as appraiser for the Automobile Appraisal Association for over 20 years, the company he now owns. In addition to daily appraisal duties for Automobile Appraisal Association, he is hired by various appraisal companies throughout California to perform field inspections.

Nearly 20 years of experience in the automobile industry has taught Zachary how to accurately interpret many of the disputes concerning the value of vehicles.

He routinely prepares appraisal reports for numerous purposes including probate, insurance value disputes, lease company returns, stated value, diminution of value, dissolution, lending institutions, bank repossessions, and determination of dollar value for non-cash tax donations directed to the Internal Revenue Service -- and executes individual and private party requests.

Mr. Romer also has extensive knowledge of classic and custom vehicles gained from years of attending multiple rod and custom shows throughout California.

Appraisal Fees

How much can you expect to pay for an appraisal?

  • Abstract Appraisal
  • No On-Site Inspection
  • Photos Submitted
  • Vehicle Info Submitted
  • Research Included
  • Emailed Appraisal
  • $ 200

    per vehicle
  • On-Site Appraisal
  • Inspection by Appraiser
  • Photos by Appraiser
  • On-Site Consultation
  • Research Included
  • Emailed Appraisal
  • $ 350+

    per vehicle

Fees will vary based on complexity of appraisal and location of vehicle.

Credit Cards, Paypal and Check are accepted.

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Certified and trained by the International Automobile Appraisers Association (IAAA ID#1011250009)

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