About the Appraisal Report

The Automobile Appraisal Association provides professional valuation of motor vehicles including classic & collectable automobiles, late model cars & trucks, motorcycles, motor homes and equipment throughout the state of California on a daily basis. While some vehicle appraisal companies offer very abbreviated or “one-page” versions of reports, the text portion, alone, of our report consists of 8-10 pages, followed by supporting documention and a photographic essay. Serving the state of California with a network of experienced and knowledgeable field inspectors who document and photograph your vehicle wherever it is located. As a result of our long history in the business, we have built an extensive and comprehensive research and archival library with reference materials for current to vintage models.

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Certified by the International Automobile Appraisers Association (IAAA ID#1011250009)

About the Head Appaiser

Zachary Romer

Mr. Romer has worked as an appraiser and then owner of the Automobile Appraisal Association full time for over 20 years. In addition to performing appraisal duties for the Automobile Appraisal Association on a daily basis, he also does field inspections for various appraisal companies around the area. He has prepared appraisal reports for numerous purposes including probate, insurance value disputes, lease company returns, stated value, diminution of value, dissolution, lending institutions, bank repossessions, and determination of dollar value for non-cash tax donations directed to the Internal Revenue Service, in addition to numerous individual and private party requests. Since 2000, Mr. Romer has been participating in dispute resolutions as the lead negotiator, appraiser of record, expert witness and consultant. He has been submitted by appraisal and insurance companies as a referee/umpire in arbitration cases. Mr. Romer has participated as an expert witness at the Small Claims, Superior and Federal Court level. Zachary Romer has been involved with automobiles since the age of 13. Mr. Romer's first involvement with cars was riding along with his grandfather, David Jacobs on appraisal field inspections around the San Francisco area. After high school, Mr. Romer served as an apprentice to David Jacobs, Executive Director, learning appraisal techniques used and developed by Mr. Jacobs since he founded the Automobile Appraisal Association in 1978. Mr. Romer has experience appraising vehicles from the late 1900's right up to the current year. He has attended vehicle repair workshops and seminars held by leading appraisal companies and is certified to write vehicle repair estimates. Mr. Romer has extensive knowledge of classic and custom vehicles that comes from having attended multiple rod and custom shows throughout California. Thirteen plus years of experience in the automobile industry has taught Mr. Romer how to accurately interpret many of the disputes concerning the value of vehicles.